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Event: Crescendo! 2003 & 2004, Hyatt Regency Crown Center

Description: Crescendo! is a fund raising event for the UMKC Conservatory of Music

Challenges: At the 2003 event, XS provided lighting and sound. Video was added to our scope of work in 2004. Crescendo would be a technically challenging event to produce in a legitimate theatre with ample rehearsal time. Producing an event of this magnitude in a hotel ballroom required intensive planning to avoid sacrificing the quality of the stage production or detracting from the performers. XS addressed the visual impact and sound of multiple performances with varied production needs on multiple stages through thoughtful and creative production solutions. Working in conjunction with the Decor Committee's theme and vision, the ballroom was lit to enhance the ambiance and magic of the event.

"Some of our guests indicated they were so impressed with the event they wanted to become more involved with the Conservatory." Barbara Roberts, 2003 Committee Chair, UMKC Conservatory

Contact: Barbara Lutman, Manager of Advancement, lutmanb@umkc.edu

Event: Dining by Design, Exhibition Hall below Municipal Auditorium

Description: A fund-raising event to benefit DIFFA, "Dining by Design" brings together Kansas City's most inspired talent to create their own unique dining environment

Challenges: For the 2005 event, XS was called upon to address issues from previous years, most notably 1) inadequate lighting of the silent auction tables, food stations and bars, and 2) loss of floor space resulting from the structure used for stage and general room illumination.

Our solution to the first challenge was to custom fabricate ceiling tiles that incorporated aim-able luminaires above each auction table and food station. All wiring was hidden above the ceiling tiles. The lighting situation was resolved with patrons being completely unaware that a temporary ceiling/lighting solution had been provided.

We addressed the second challenge by designing lighting from the balcony level. Doing so not only allowed for a softer room wash and more dramatic dance floor and band lighting than had previously been provided, but did so while maximizing available dining floor space.

"Our figures show that lighting sells our stuff! The auction was a huge success. Thanks!" Gary Roush

Contact: Gary Roush 816.363.0557

Event: Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy Civic Service Award Dinner, Overland Park Convention Center, Ed Eilert Ballroom

Description: Dinner and awards ceremony, included lighting, sound, and video production

Challenges: Our sights were set on creating an elegant and original stage look for this event that had never been done before. The vast expanse of the Overland Park Convention Center was rendered more intimate through the creative use of lighting and soft goods. This was accomplished through the use of precision lighting on an exquisite fabric overlaid on a fiber optic star-field curtain. Unanimously, the result was deemed breathtaking by the committee and guests.

"XS surpassed every benchmark set by Hyman Brand. The staging aand background looked great! I will definitely call XS with any audio/visual needs I have in the future. They are a great asset to any event." Brad Finley, Corporate Events

Contact: Brad Finley, Corporate Events, Inc. 913.469.0545

Event: Junior Achievement, 2003 Hyatt Regency and 2004 Marriott Downtown

Description: Annual Business Hall of Fame Dinner & Awards

Challenges: Our client approached us expressing a desire for a new look and feel for their annual dinner and awards ceremony. We transformed the ambience through creative use of unique fabric treatments and lighting.

The fabric design and treatment has become their standard for each years' event. We have had the distinct pleasure of producing their lighting and video production for 2003 and 2004.

"Your lighting designs gave our room the look and ambience to make this event special. The award platform was lit in such a way that the beauty of the awards shined through and reflected how special it is to receive the award." Matthew Dillane, President, Executive Director, Junior Achievement

Contact: Matt Dillane 816.561.3558

Event: Kansas City Art Institute, KCAI Campus

Description: Gala and auction to benefit scholarship fund

Challenges: After playing a supporting role for this event in previous years, XS was tasked with the unique challenge of relocating this event to the historic Art Institute Campus.

We were originally approached because of our strengths in lighting outdoor events, our attention to lighting auction items and our ability to tastefully light the presentation of the food. However, we believe it was our enthusiasm and passion for lighting works of art that led to our partnership with the Art Institute.

We were honored to have been able to feature lighting on an original work of art by student Rachel Thomas called "Light Filter". This intricately formed 10' x 7' x 8' sculpture utilized filtered light through multiple layers of perforated metal. The sculpture sold fora record $30,000. The sculptor stated that "The lighting made it".

"Your creative use of theme colors and attention to detail truly helped the event stand out. I continue to hear positive feedback on the sound and lighting from our guests, staff and volunteers." Jade Greene, Director of Special Events

Contact: Jade Greene 816.801.3483

Event: Lenexa Chamber of Commerce, Overland Park Doubletree and Sheraton Overland Park

Description: Annual Awards Dinner, with lighting, sound and video

Challenges: XS has had the pleasure of providing event productions for the Lenexa Chamber of Commerce Annual dinner and awards ceremony since 1997. Our company has grown along with the event which started out with simple stage lighting and now incorporates elaborate stage and ambient lighting, audio, and video.

We enjoy complete confidence from the committee that organizes this event and in recent years have been afforded full artistic control for the look of the stage and room.

"Your production and staging of our annual dinner was outstanding. We were so impressed with your talent, versatility, creativity, and work ethic!" Jan Welch, Event Coordinator

Contact: Patty Eichman / Jan Welch 913.888.1414

Event: Rockhurst High School Spectacular Gala & Auction, high school gymnasium

Description: Fund raising gala and auction

Challenges: Rockhursts' annual event has become a true labor of love. As the premier private school fundraiser in the city, we have had the pleasure of lighting a variety of diverse and exciting themes.

Though not in charge of the theme or room decor, XS enjoys free artistic rein in implementing stage and ambient lighting for the event. We have successfully transformed the environment so that the guests do not realize they are in a gymnasium.

"Once again you guys did such a fabulous job. Your acute attention to detail with the lighting enhanced our decor and really made the event." Cathy McCoy, CMC Creative Decorations Chair

Contact: Judy Scanlon jscanlon@rockhursths.edu