Are you ready to explore the limitless possibilities of projected scenery?

Here’s what you should know:

Front surface versus rear surface projection

Front surface screens are white and typically reflect stage light.
Rear surface screens are gray, which do a better job of rejecting stage light,  provide better contrast, which helps to achieve blacker blacks and whiter whites.
Front surface requires projecting over actors heads at a very steep angle.
Rear surface is projected from behind the actors, on axis,  providing an image which appears brighter to the audience.  

Lens options, short throw versus Ultra Short Throw (UST)

Short throw lenses are typically fixed, with 0.8:1 to 0.67:1 aspect ratio.
Ultra Short Throw (UST) is 0.38:1, allowing for a much shorter throw distance.
With our UST lens, a 20‘ wide screen can be filled from less than 10’ off the back wall.

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