Spotrack enables any moving light to work as a follow spot.

When Spotrack is in control, the system calculates where the moving lights should point on the stage in relation to
where the operator is pointing on the screen.

In real time Spotrack calculates Pan-Tilt values to aim the lights under its control, continuously updating these
values as the operator follows the target.

Where the moving light supports it, Spotrack will automatically shape the beam by calculating Dimmer, Iris,
Zoom and Focus values to keep the beam size, brightness and sharpness as calibrated.

Spotrack technology frees spot operators to concentrate on what they do best – following. Operators can be
positioned anywhere – including on the ground, while controlling lights anywhere in the show.

A Spotrack system consists of one camera, a laptop or computer with the Spotrack software and hardware, and
a DMX interface, such as a DMX Node (please confirm Node compatibility).

The camera is positioned to give a full view of the stage. Live video from the active camera is shown on the screen,
allowing the spot operator to follow the performer with a mouse.

DMX (converted to Art-Net or sACN) by the interface is fed through Spotrack to the lights.

Spotrack works with any type of moving light, although it works best with fast lights that can keep up!

Each moving light is calibrated so Spotrack knows where it is relative to the stage. Calibration is quick and easy,
there are no sensors, belt packs, transmitters or receivers to be setup, calibrated or worn by performers.

Spotrack has a control channel for each light that hands control of the light to Spotrack or takes it back to the
desk for any other use. 

Spotrack users can define areas to which creative macros can be applied for effects 

Spotrack is extendable if more than one performer must be followed.