Helpful & Informative XS Resources

Looking for even more information on how to create the perfect event? Let XS help you! We have gathered a wide variety of resources that we know will be beneficial when you are looking to improve how you run the lighting and sound of your special events. Contact us with any questions you might have, and we will try to assist you further!

The McCandless Method

The McCandless Method is a particular approach to stage lighting that was first purposed in the book A Method of Lighting the Stage by Stanley R. McCandless. Since its initial publication in 1932, this book has been through several editions, but the method described is still in use today. Read more about the McCandless Method.

Not All LED Lights Are Created Equal

If the quality of light is important to your application, here is how to convince those who control the budget that you should invest in quality LEDs. It is important to remember that lighting can play a huge role in the overall quality of your production. Read more about why not all LED lights are created equal.

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