I have recently worked with XS Lighting to upgrade the lights in our district performing art center. This collaboration comes after being dissatisfied with two other lighting companies in the Kansas City area. There are many reasons we will continue to work with XS Lighting besides getting a fair price on a good product. First, Rick listened to what we wanted to accomplish with our limited budget. He helped create a plan to convert to source 4 LEDs throughout our auditorium. This required him to help us prioritize our light needs to gain as much as possible with each additional set of lights we will purchase after the original set that allows general lighting across the stage. Second, Rick was very patient and honest answering all our questions. He did not try to sell us something we did not need. Rather, he was able to find a manufacturer’s package to get the most from our purchase. This patience extended to the excellent training offered by XS Lighting. They scheduled a time to train a small group of staff and students that was best for our schedule (including in the evening). Once again the trainer took time to not only demonstrate using the product but allowing us to try create the same effect he did. Third, XS Lighting did an excellent job installing the lights. They ran all the wiring, hung and focused the lights, and asked us if they were to our satisfaction throughout the entire process. Rick had the knowledge and expertise to incorporate the new LED lights with our traditional lights so we could start with only 6 lights this year. We want to eventually have 10 lights on each catwalk for a total of 20. We also plan to replace our CYC lights with source 4 LEDS. Finally, the lights themselves are phenomenal. The obvious advantage is the lower electric cost. However, we have lowered our cost in bulb replacement and gels. In fact the entire process to get color wash on stage is so simple our light designs are now more advanced and fun to create. We will continue to work with Rick and XS Lighting to fulfil our lighting needs in the future.
This letter serves as a letter of recommendation for XS Lighting and Rick McConnell. I am the professor of lighting design at UlvlKC Theatre and had been dealing with Rick and XS for the past 2 decades. The Theatre Department most often get our production orders for our shows from Rick for what we refer to as ''perishables" - gel colors, lamps, gobo patterns, etc. XS is well stocked and always offered us deep discounts because UMKC is a state educational institution. Over the years, we had also bought lighting equipment from XS. Their bids are really competitive and their service is among the best. Rick and his staff always respond quickly when we had problems with our lighting equipment whether or not we purchased them from XS. Manufacturers' warranties are always honored and serviced quickly and even better for us, XS serviced our old lighting equipment at some very reasonable costs. Recently we purchased new ETC ColorSource LED lighting fixtures. The new LED light fixtures are fast replacing current lighting fixtures due to the low energy costs, very efficient use of energy, about 20% of equivalent quartz incandescent lighting fixtures. This is a saving of 80%. Also colors can be programmed by any computer light board giving our students a potential infinite number of color choices. Altogether, these LED fixtures not only are energy efficient, but given the ability to select any color, are also very cost effective for there is no need to buy gel colors for these fixtures. ETC is the leading theatrical lighting equipment manufacturer in this country and ETC brand lighting fixtures and dimmers are industry standards in the performing arts. We have ETC dimmers and light boards in all 4 UlvlKC performing arts venues, Spencer Theatre, White Recital Hall, Grant Hall Theatre, and PAC Studio 116. Late last semester, I was given a budget to purchase new fixtures and Rick worked with me to get what we wanted to fit my budget cap. He worked with me over the pricing so that I can purchase 20 ColorSource LED fixtures along with all accessories under budget. I always had and in the future, will continue to have a great working relationship with Rick. The level of service provided by XS Lighting had been very high and I am always very satisfied with both goods and services.
As the technical director for William Jewell College and resident stage designer for Jewell Theatre Company, I’ve chosen to work with XS Lighting as my primary vendor for lighting, sound, and supply needs. Rick McConnell and his staff at XS are knowledgeable about the most state of the art equipment on the market and usually have something ready to demonstrate in their shop upon request. From rental stock to new purchases, Rick is ready to help make your production the best it can be on any budget. I enjoy visiting the shop as I get the royal treatment as if all work stops to help me with my questions or gather my needed supplies. Recently I worked with Rick to outfit our college theatre facility with twelve ETC LED Source 4 fixtures. We discussed the value of this fixture, not only in functionality for productions being used in conjunction with our ETC ION control system, but also the energy efficiency and savings we would gain over time.